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These are stories of the Family. You may feel inspired to write down some of the family times that you remember. If you do here is a place for you to publish them and share those reminiscences with the other family members who may be interested. And this is also a great place for pictures. Send your family photos to me and I'll 'put them up'. It is a pleasure to share!

Richard Webb and Ali Webb June 1997


Family Stories is dedicated to Mother, Eda Larson Webb and contains her beautiful Recollections of Mother which she wrote in 1986 when she was 84. We will be forever indebted to Mother who through her stories has permitted us to move back two generations to learn something of her grandparents Henschel and Mauer. She has also offered us an unparalleled glimpse of her childhood early in this century as she sets before us her deep love and admiration for her mother, the unforgettable Emma Henrietta.

It is such a blessing to be a part of this wonderful family. Thank you, Dear Mother.


Em and Lou EM AND LOU by Richard E. Webb

Recollections of Mother and Early Childhood RECOLLECTIONS by Eda Larson Webb

Eda said, 'We’re Going to Las Vegas' LAS VEGAS by Richard E. Webb

'When It's Time to Go' REMEMBERING DAD by Richard E. Webb

A Trip to Paris, Summer 1996 PARIS By Richard E. Webb

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